Park Lanes Bowling Alley

Project Type: Web Design.

Retro, playful & hip website design for this high end, ultimate entertainment bowling alley.

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Il Cibreo

Project Type: Web Design.

Italian themed website design to compIiment this contemporary Italian cuisine based in NYC.

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Fuel Pizza

Project Type: Web Design.

Fuel is a pizza chain that was jump started in Charlotte, NC. It has become a staple in the Charlotte community that reaches from Rock Hill, SC to Davidson, NC and throughout Charlotte.

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Lake Norman Luxury Yacht Charter

Project Type: Web Design.

Minimalistic, slick design reflects the Carolinas' largest inland yacht that was designed for those seeking a one-of-a-kind experience thats not just another night on the town.


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The Restaurant Group

Project Type: Web Design.

A simple website design meant to direct viewers to The Restaurant Groups family of websites.

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Legacy Real Estate Advisors

Project Type: Inner Web Page Design.

A collaboratIve project involving inner page design for a commerical real estate service firm.

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Nosal & Jeter, LLP

Project Type: Inner Web Page Design & Map Illustration.

Assisted with the inner web page design for this traffic ticket defense firm. Also created a 3D map of SC for the home page.

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Bitflip Technologies

Project Type: Custom Facebook Welcome Page.

Conceptual design mirrors bitflip technologies existent business attributes, to drive more fans to the page.

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Supermarkets in America

Project Type: Interactive Web Graphic.

An interactive graphic on supermarket food prices that compares prices of a 20-item list of groceries from 9 supermarkets, in 5 states, including 4 stores in Charlotte. The stores are ranked by overall cost.

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Bitflip Technologies

Project Type: Web Ad.

A simple, straight foward ad that will appear on a food blog. This was aimed to direct more traffic to the restaurant specialized web design firm.

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Adspark Promotional Products

Project Type: Web Ad.

An ad that promotes Adspark, a promotional marketing business.

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