"Something's Shakin'" - version one

Project Type: Magazine Spread.

A page layout tied in by strong visual photographs of singer/songwriter Andrew McMahon. 

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"Something's Shakin'" - version two

Project Type: Magazine Spread.

An eye catching page layout that compliments the news articles story & photographs.


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"Emerging from the Cacoon"

Project Type: Magazine Spread with Digital Illustration.

The butterfly image was digitally painted in Photoshop. The rest of the illustration was also done in PSD.

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Bitflip Technologies

Project Type: Restaurant Themed Business Cards

A concept designed to reflect this Charlotte, NC web firms specialty in restaurant web design.

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Bitflip Technologies

Project Type: Business Cards.

A concept that highlights bitflip technologies key attributes as a web design firm.

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Bitflip Technologies

Project Type: Holiday Card.

A holiday card for Bitflip Technologies that was sent out to their client list. This concept was inspired by website wireframing and a dash of holiday cheer.

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"Embrace Change or Become a Design-o-saur" - Von Glitscka

Project Type: Poster Design.

This poster was influenced by well respected graphic designer Von Glitschka.

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Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

Project Type: Poster Design.

Created to help advertise the Charlotte Symphony on campus event "Beats, Brains, Bodies." These events were targeted towards students, faculty and staff.

  • /userfiles/portfolio/beatsbrains_web_02.jpg
  • /userfiles/portfolio/beatsbrains_web_01.jpg

Irwin Tools

Project Type: Ad Campaign.

This ad was created to increase demands for Irwin’s Marathon saw blades in big and small hardware stores.

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Project Type: Ad Campaign.

This ad was created to push viewers to visit the www.visitnc.com website.

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