Chef Charles Catering

Project Type: Logo Redesign

A simple, modern logo that combines playful aviation and food industry elements.  

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A Shot of Truth

Project Type: Logo Design

This logo was created for a campaign non profit organization, Mom Against Mercury is running. MAM is dedicated to raising awareness while educating the public of the dangerous use of Mercury being used in vaccines and the flu shot.

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Lauging Oak Winery

Project Type: Identity & Package Design

A conceptual design inspired by Australiain aboriginal art, with a twist of modernism. The 3 wines are distinguised by a set of complimenting patterns & a vibrant color scheme.

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Change the World: SAYi!

Project Type: Branding and Ad Campaign

A campaign created to help raise awareness to empower the LGBT questioning youth in Charlotte. This ad campaign focuses on acceptance using playful, positive, and bold design.

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Intel Corporation

Project Type: Identity & Stationary

Bold, practical and techy redesign. The use of typography mimics the contour of a microchip.

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Pappas Park Lanes

Project Type: Logo Redesign.

Neon light inspired design compliments this modern, retro-decor bowling alley.

Created in Adobe Illustrator.


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2010 Skyline Run

Project Type: Logo & T-Shirt Design.

The use of playful typography in form of the sole of a shoe displays what a runner displays during this run for better education: energy, hard-work & a brighter future.


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Niko's Grille

Project Type: Logo Redesign.

Charlotte based sub shop Niko's Grille, needed a more updated design to display their specialty.

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Samaritan House

Project Type: Logo Design.

Samaritan House is a non-profit recuperative care place in Charlotte, NC. The design reflects their slogan, "A Healing Haven For People Who Are Homeless."

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